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Prophetess Price

Speaking Engagements or Mentorship

Booking FAQ's

Prophetess Jacqueline Price


1. How does Prophetess Price determine where she speaks?
​Prophetess Price believes it is vitally important to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and she earnestly seeks his guidance. She does not accept any invitation if it is not his will. He is the one that directs her where he wants her to go, be it locally, nationally, or internationally. 

2. What types of events does Prophetess Price speak at?
Prophetess Price speaks at Bible Study, Conferences, Crusades, Mentoring Programs, Retreats, Outreaches, Missions, etc. 

3. Would she be willing to speak at our mid-week services?
Yes, as her schedule permits. 

4. Will she help us plan our event?
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, she would be unable to do so. 

5. Does Prophetess address any specific topics? 
Yes. Prophetess Price has taught on various topics: from Having a Heart that is Empty, Releasing the Past, What does it Mean to Love, Handling Opposition, Guilty of being Inconsistent, Allowing God to Sculpture Your Life, and Fulfilling God’s Design for Your Life, just to name a few. 

Her deepest desire is to see God transform lives, so she takes His mandate “To Teach His People the Importance of Possessing a True Passion for His Presence,” very seriously. 

6. What if our organization/ministry has a specific topic?
If your church/ministry/organization has a specific subject, theme and/or topics, she would be delighted to do so. However, she does ask that you allow the precious Holy Spirit to guide her as He desires, so that lives can be transformed. 

7. What are the (honorarium) speaking fees?
Prophetess Price does not have set (honorarium) speaking fees, because she understands churches/ministries/organization have varied budgets. But trust that your church/ministry/organization walks in integrity to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in supporting her ministry. (***SEE ALSO QUESTION 8) 

The Bible has many scriptures that tell us how important it is to give and support those who feed you with the word of God. I Corinthians 9:14 “In the same way, the Lord ordered that those who preach the Good News should be supported by those who benefit from it.” 

8. ***What other expenses might we incur if we invite her to speak? 
When Prophetess Price is required to travel outside her local area, all airfare, car travel (including to and from your venue), airport parking, overnight accommodation, meals, and gratuities, is the responsibility of the host church/ministry/organization. 

9. We’d like to invite you to speak at our event, but we have a few questions to ask first. What should we do? 
Simply fill out the online booking request form and a representative will reach out to you soon. 

10. How do we book Prophetess Price?
After filling out the online form and speaking with Prophetess Price or a representative of JLP Ministries a Speaker Agreement will be emailed to your church/ministry/organization to be signed by your representative and returned to us via fax or email. From that point your event is booked and placed on Prophetess Price Itinerary. 

11. How far in advance do we need to book? 
DOMESTIC INVITATIONS: It is advised that you book quickly. Prophetess Price requires time for preparation. Local, and National speaking engagements must be no less than two months away (unless otherwise approved). 


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