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  • Pray regularly for Jacqueline Price, her family and the ministry

  • Attend meetings in your area

  • Corresponding with us throughout the year

  • Be a Partnership Recruiter

  • Support us financially with your monthly pledge

REMEMBER TO: Enter your information then click submit then donate to complete your contribution.

Jacqueline L. Ministries, Inc. is an exempt organization as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and, accordingly, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by the law in your particular jurisdiction. Individuals outside of the United States may not be entitled to a tax deduction for gifts to the ministry. We encourage you to consult your personal advisors on all legal, tax, or financial issues concerning your gift.

JLP Ministries is committed to walking in integrity as we follow the divine leadership of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION.  All Contributions solicited are done with the understanding that the ministry has complete control over the use of all donated funds.

  • Pray for your well-being​
  • Correspond with you monthly
  • Share online resource to help feed your spirit and enrich your life with the word of God. (Like our NOW Magazine, and Online Radio Broadcast Speak the WORD​)​

Your Commitment

Our Commitment to You

Having supporters is vital to any ministry.  That is why we are so thankful for our covenant partners who proudly sow monthly to aid this NOW vision.  

God has blessed this ministry to have a strong support system through our partners, who understand they are a part of our destiny to share the Gospel (the good news) of Jesus Christ. Their prayers, encouraging words and monthly financial support has been a life-line in providing what is needed to reach souls for the Kingdom and to go to the Nations. We truly love and thank God for our partners.

We are so blessed when we hear them express how much the anointing that rest on this ministry for souls, and for a passion for God's presence has impacted their lives.  We feel God hand-picked each one, and pronounced HIS blessing of: HONORING, FAVORING AND INCREASING them as they continue aiding this ministry in accomplishing what HE already sees - "HIS FINISHED WORK." 

By supporting this ministry we are committed too: